After being laid up in Hamilton in 1985 following the demise of the Carryore operation; Algoma Central Corp., Sault Ste. Marie, ON purchased the Carol Lake in 1986 renaming her Algocape(1) in 1987. As part of the Algoma fleet, her activities continued in the grain and iron ore trades but she was often laid up due to fluctuations in the grain industry.

Algocape (1)

Algocape (1) is seen in this evening photograph transitting upbound in the Welland Canal on April 30th, 1988, as she was nearing the approach wall below lock 1. She had just been renamed from CAROL LAKE by Algoma Central and she now sails as MAPLEGLEN.

The Algocape was sold to P.& H. Shipping Ltd. (Parrish & Heimbecker), Mississauga, ON and was renamed Mapleglen(2) in 1994.

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